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August 2017 Meeting Minutes

Postby pc_airdawg » Sat Aug 26, 2017 2:57 pm

Meeting Minutes, 15 August 2017


Ben Dunn noted that 15 August is Indian Independence Day (1947).

Guest's / New Members

Jules, an H2 who flies a Falcon.
Mike, an H2 student of Eric Hinrichs who has been flying since May and flies a Falcon. He also used to fly a 1946 Aeronca Champ from the old airstrip in Fremont.

Significant Flights

Dave Egli got 2 flights at Hat Creek and reached 7700’.
Wayne Michelsen flew Goat Mt with Ben Dunn and got to 10K’ in the convergence. He flew 30 miles and was retrieved by Ben Rogers.

President's Report – Ben Dunn

There was an exec meeting, a meeting of the Ed Levin site committee and 2 other meetings since the last general membership meeting. The Special Use Agreement for Ed Levin is up for renewal. The process is complicated by turnover in the Parks Dept. It is hoped a temporary SUA can be issued by the coming weekend. Issuance of permits is being held up because the Parks staff is busy with other activities. The club needs a webmaster. The website is being updated, including the Diablo pages. Roy Spencer is the new Mission Site Chair and will administer the site with help from Evan. Mark Mullholland is the new newsletter editor. A vote on the bylaws update is planned for the next meeting. Patrick Pannese is at the World Meet in Brazil. He is currently 77th of 130. Zack Majors is 21st with 4 more competition days to be flown.

Vice President’s Report – None, Patrick is in Brazil

Flight Director’s Report – Dave Egli

There have been no incidents at Ed Levin. A sponsorship day for H2 pilots is planned. Observer services and rides up the hill are to be provided.

Treasurer's Report –Ben Dunn for Don Herrick

Balances decreased slightly over the past month. The fiscal year begins in October; no dues increase is planned.

Membership Services Report – Phyl Hamby

There are currently 358 paid members for 2017.

Newsletter – Mark Mullholland

An issue is planned for this month. Mark proposed a picture and video contest, with the winning pics to be published in the newsletter. Mike proposed recognizing new pilots in the newsletter and Wayne Michelsen proposed publishing new ratings.

Ed Levin Site Report – Ben Dunn for Jesse Meyers

The Special Use Agreement is up for renewal and the site is currently closed.

Mission Ridge Report – Ben Dunn for Chris Valley

Thanks to Roy Spencer who will be the new site chair. The Special Use Agreement is valid through 2020.

Diablo – Ben Dunn for Robert Moore

Not much flying is happening at this time of year. The Special Use Agreement is due in March.

Coyote Lake / Site Acquisition –Dave Egli

Dave met with the supervising ranger. The Parks Administration is busy; nothing has changed otherwise.

Pleasanton Ridge – Mark Mullholland

Mark promised a status update next month.

Old Business

Open days are planned at Mt Umuhnum on the 16th and 17th of September for hiking, but not for flying. Reservations are required but no more are available.

New Business

Ben Dunn reported that a Notice of Revocation of Mike Jefferson’s ratings and appointments has been received from USHPA. This was precipitated by violations of various rules and regulations.

An USHPA Board of Directors meeting is planned for October in San Jose. The venue is to be announced.

A vote on proposed changes to the bylaws is planned for next month. The changes are summarized as:

- Changing language to make it wing and gender neutral
- Changing the qualifications for the Flight Director
- Definition of a process and rationale for expulsion of members

Mark Mullholland requested funds for the video contest he wants to run. He also proposed the creation of a communication committee to share information about flying.

End of Meeting Minutes.


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