May 11th Fly-in information

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Re: May 11th Fly-in information

Postby The Big Guy » Wed May 15, 2013 8:52 am

Hello all. and this Post is sorta for Collin.

Once again I want to extend thanks to all who made it to this Years -(BIG GUY Fly In)-.

I want to entice more Pilots to come next year. I am sorta at a loss, as to how not One mile was flown cross country, not one mile! Also no one took a stab at the primary spot landing cone. I felt pretty stupid up there at McClure with prizes to give out. Both trophies, and cash prizes. But I had no competing Pilots to give them to. Well at least Glenn did a pretty good job of landing at the secondary spot landing cone.

But, come on. Too not have one mile flown X-C, not a mile!

Well, I hope to see more of you at my Fly-In next year.

Good By The Big Guy

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