Accident at Mission 6/07/09

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Accident at Mission 6/07/09

Postby Carm » Mon Jun 08, 2009 7:22 pm

accident at Mission.

Me and another guy started to sink out (not real positive what time.) He is lower than me making an approach from the parking lot. I started to follow his approach as I crossed over the windsock I hit a thermal above the LZ ~400ft. I take it and start climbing. The unlucky pilot was on final. The thermal I was in was 600-800fpm as I am climbing upwards I caught a glimpse of the pilot going on final. Then the next thing I see he gets tossed downwind. He hit the ground at a high rate of speed and few seconds later I heard it. I continued to climb but saw no movement. I was on the radio but could not contact the pilots below. I could see a bunch of people around him by now but no motion was made to move the glider. I am thinking this can not be good. I worked my way to down to land as much as I did not want to. At least can help with the glider breakdown. Plus I knew his girl would be coming into the LZ since she was driving my car.

I can see someone on the phone. I am thinking he is dial 911. This is not good. I make my approach somewhat poor I might add and take out a DT. I was okay the pilot was not fairing so well. He was knocked out but breathing when the first responders got there. By the time I got to him he was awake. Ambulance, firetruck were there pretty quick. Then the helicopter came in. I radio for though who were on the radio to topland rather than risk sinking out when the copter was coming in. Or you would need to find an alternate LZ.

I can see a slice in his forehead. (He had uncoated wires) Later that sliced turned into a goose egg. He was taken by helicopter to Eden Hospital and is doing okay. He had a broken arm which will require surgery, a dislocated shoulder and a class 2 concusion.

He was flying a litespeed with a motoX helmet. VG was 1/4 on normal setting for landing. Only noticeable damage to the glider was a DT. The harness zipper was separated from the teeth. We had no choice but to cut it. We slipped the harness strap off and had to cut the leg loops. The helmet had a skid mark across the top.

Be careful the Mission LZ down below has been getting more turbulent in recent years. When it brown It gets worse plus all the houses out front make for a very turbulent LZ.

Heal fast my friend.

Big THANKS to the PG pilots down below helping out.

I did not like seeing the crash from the air I can only imagine what it was like from the ground. I am very relieved he is okay.


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Re: Accident at Mission 6/07/09

Postby netedtec » Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:57 pm

The information I received is that the HG pilot that was injured at Mission Peak on Saturday is home now. He is doing well.


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Re: Accident at Mission 6/07/09

Postby brianl » Wed Jun 17, 2009 10:03 am

For the curious, my name is Brian Lee and I was the HG pilot injured at Mission. I've been recovering at home and will have surgery on my fractured shoulder today. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me that day, especially the first responders, Ian, Michel, and Juan. Also, all those who helped with my equipment and other aspects of the situation - Carmela, Dave W., Roy S., and others. Please forgive me if I missed, mangled, or mis-assigned a name ... I don't actually remember much of what happened.

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