intersted in pay out towing?

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intersted in pay out towing?

Postby kenward1000 » Sun Aug 04, 2013 11:22 am

at new jerusalem on Aug 10 or 11 or Aug 17 or 18?

I have a pay out winch purchased from Tim Morley, an ATOL clone. When he owned it, I was towed several times by it to nearly 2000' agl, so it works. I never got the chance to operate the winch, but I want to learn how to run a pay out winch operation safely.

Since then I've replaced the Master Cylinder, flushed/bled the fluid, added guard over exposed rewind gear. Not sure how to pre-test or calibrate the winch, so suggestions are welcome.

I can bring the winch in my Suburban plus my SWIFT with tow release. Also have 2 aircraft radios for ground - air communication.

Here's what else we would need (not much):

1/2 ton pickup truck with class 3 receiver
truck driver
experienced winch operator (critical skill)
safety person to oversee the driver/operator (critical skill)
at least one more pilot who has tow experience

we could all chip in on winch truck gas, I'll bring snacks/beer for the winch crew and driver but no other charges. this is non commercial, just for fun.

anyone attending should bring all equipment that they'll need.

kenward 1000 at hotmail dot com

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