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Hat Creel Aug. 2017 – Photo by Roy Spencer


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Meeting Minutes, 18 July 2017




Ben Dunn noted that the first flight of a jet airplane took place on this date in 1942.


Guest's / New Members


Peter, a PG pilot who has been flying for 1 year.


Significant Flights


Sergey related how his attempt at a “fly on the wall” landing turned out to be a “fly on the windshield” landing and showed the resulting scars.

Wayne Michelson flew the National meet at Dinosaur in Colorado along with Ben Dunn and Joey. Wayne made goal every day and Ben made it almost to Steamboat Springs. Wayne also flew 105 miles south from Goat.


President's Report – Ben Dunn


Last month’s meeting was officially cancelled. The road to the 600’ launch at Ed Levin is now open thanks to the efforts of Jesse Meyers and others who showed up to the work party. Ben has been working on revised emergency procedures; the Special Use Agreement is due for renewal. A Newsletter Editor and Mission Chair and new Webmaster are needed. Changes to the Bylaws are to be voted on next month.


Vice President’s Report – Ben Dunn for Patrick Pannese


The competition planned for next spring will be a Race To Goal format, with competition days on weekends only. Dates will be announced based on weather and other factors shortly before the competition days. Patrick will be at the Worlds in Brazil on the date of the August meeting.


Flight Director’s Report – Dave Egli


Transporting assembled gliders on public roads is a violation of the vehicle codes due to their size. Dave has been discussing transportation of gliders at Ed Levin with various pilots, including one who proposed to put a rack on the front of his vehicle. Dave proposed that a written policy be adopted. Ben Dunn deferred the issue to the Site Committee. Dave also reminded pilots that a 600’ minimum clearance is required over the “green” area at Ed Levin. Dave noted that he will continue as Flight Director pending a change to the bylaws regarding the requirements for that position.


Treasurer's Report –Don Herrick


Balances increased slightly over the past month.


Membership Services Report – Phyl Hamby


There are currently 354 paid members for 2017. There are a few people who are known to be members who are not in the database.


Ed Levin Site Report – Ben Dunn for Jesse Meyers


The Special Use Agreement is up for renewal along with an update to the emergency procedures. Please close any gate that isn’t locked open when using the roads in the park as there are cows grazing.


Mission Ridge Report – Ben Dunn


There is no update on the planned parking lot. Roy Spencer said he would consider reprising his role as site chair.


Diablo – Ben Dunn for Robert Moore


Nothing to report.


Coyote Lake / Site Acquisition –Dave Egli


Nothing new to report. Ben Dunn noted that there has been a change in the Parks administration and that there may be a barbeque with the park rangers.


Pleasanton Ridge – Mark Mullholland


Mark needs contact info for the relevant parties.


Old Business


Open days are planned at Mt Umuhnum on the 16th and 17th of September for hiking, but not for flying. The Windy Hill Sky Riders club has taken the lead on developing the site. At present there is no LZ identified.



New Business



Wayne Michelson mentioned the path of the total eclipse in August will pass over several flying sites and plans to take a trip to King Mt in Idaho.


Mark Mullholland said he might volunteer to be the Newsletter Editor.


Jim Woodward noted that a golden eagle he found is undergoing rehabilitation at the Wildlife Education and Rehabilitation Center in Morgan Hill (werc-ca.org) and asked that the club donate funds to support the effort. Ben Dunn noted that requests for funds need to be submitted to the WOR Treasurer in advance and proposed that a vote be taken next month.

An Executive Committee meeting is planned for next Tuesday to discuss changes to the bylaws and may include a provision for terminating members.


It was noted that some PG pilots have been flying at Mission/Ed Levin from unauthorized launches and probably without waivers, site stickers, etc. Ben Dunn requested that offenders be reported to the Rangers.


End of Meeting Minutes.






































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