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WOR Members!

Our new member database is now online. You can access it from the following link:

On three tabbed pages you can record your personal and pilot information. Please log in and update the information now , especially your email address and emergency contact information. Bookmark this page and update it frequently.

Login and Password Information:
With this new online database your Username will always be your USHPA# . If you set your password in the previous online database system, that password has been transferred to this new system. Otherwise use your USHPA# (again) as your password. Please log in and set a new password immediately.

In any case, if you have any problems logging in, please click on the Forgot Your Password link on the Account Login page to retrieve your password. You will need to provide an email address we have on file for you. If you continue to have problems logging in, send an email to .

New Features:
With this new member database system you can tab between pages to view and change your personal and HG/PG information. Be sure to save any changes you make to each page before tabbing to a new page.

Other features include:
- You can see your current membership expiration date
- You can see your WOR membership history (starting with 2007)
- You can renew your membership using PayPal
- New members can sign up (via the New Member Registration link on the Account Login page)

We are pleased to present this new member database system. The system merges multiple WOR databases and will allow remote management of WOR membership via the internet. Today the Membership Services functions have been transferred to this new system. Soon we hope to provide instructor coordinators, observer coordinators and executive committee members the ability to produce reports from this database to assist them in performing their WOR functions.

Please let us know how we can improve the system in any way to serve you better.

Send comments, corrections and contributions (photos and news) to the webmaster.