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The Mountain
002_00A 005_2A diablo1  
6,000' over San Ramon, looking north to Mount Diablo. Mount Diablo summit and view to the south Robert Moore with snow draping the mountain top  
The Launches
radio_tower_launch_002 radio_tower_launch_003 radio_tower_launch_007 radio_tower_launch_008
Radio Tower Launch
Mark Grubbs
Radio Tower Launch
Mark Grubbs
Radio Tower Launch
Steve Daleo
Radio Tower Launch
Steve Daleo
rm_with_dutt_flying rm_ready_juniper rm_launching_juniper  
Juniper Launch
Robert Moore on launch
with Kevin Dutt flying above
Juniper Launch
Robert Moore on launch
Juniper Launch
Robert Moore launching
The Landing Zones
DSCN0088 lz_002 1000'_lz 1000fter_lz_007
Mitchel Canyon LZ Mitchel Canyon LZ 1000 footer LZ

Approaching 1000 footer LZ

004_1A Macedo_Ranch_LZ_Map_001z    
Lime Ridge
(Chris Gallagher)
Macedo Ranch Map    
american_launch mnt_lookout mnt_top athena_01
American Radio Launch
faces the North /Northeast

The Summit looking North
The Summit looking South Athena LZ has been compromised by a fenced in baseball field    
macedo_ranch_lz macedo_ranch_2    
Mecedo Ranch LZ
just behind the pilots
Pine Ridge just east of Mecedo Ranch LZ    
The Pilots
Robert Moore -Diablo    
Robert Moore
Site Committee Chairman

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