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Ed Levin Lock Combinations

Combinations to the Ed Levin gate locks are changed in February of every year.

Please note that combinations are for use only by those who have renewed their WOR membership for the year.

Combinations are to be shared only with drivers you recruit to drive your vehicle down the hill, not with former WOR members whose membership has expired or other pilots at Ed Levin.

When using combinations, you agree to comply with the Ed Levin Park Site Procedures. The Site Procedures (and Emergency Procedures) are available for download in .PDF format. The Site Procedures are also summarized in HTML format. If the HTML summary should differ from the complete Site Procedures, the .PDF version will prevail. Please note that if a pilot lacks either a WOR ID sticker or a WOR expiration sticker displaying the current year, there are many things the pilot can not do. Among other things, the pilot can not open any gates or fly from the top launch unless accompanied by a WOR member pilot who is aware that the pilot being accompanied is not a WOR member. It bears repeating that, even if a pilot has a gate combination, the pilot may not use the combination unless:

  • the current year appears on the WOR expiration sticker on the pilot's helmet,
  • present at the gate with them is another pilot who has the required WOR expiration helmet sticker, or
  • the pilot is leaving (not entering) the flying site - eg, driving a vehicle back down the hill.

Anyone who gives a pilot a lift up the hill must first confirm (before heading up) that the pilot has the required helmet sticker. If the pilot has a WOR proficiency sticker, but not the one required for the launch, then they must have required sign offs and a sponsor. If the pilot does not have a WOR expiration helmet sticker displaying the current year, check for a USHPA card showing current membership. Any sponsor must display a Blue WOR proficiency sticker of the same shape as the pilot's, a white WOR ID sticker, and a WOR expiration sticker (showing the current year) on his/her helmet.

Anyone who brings a spectator or driver up the hill must first confirm that they are at least 18 years old and that they have signed an Ed Levin waiver.

To summarize, pilots who are not current WOR members can not:

  • open a gate to go up the hill unless accompanied by a current WOR member,
  • fly from the top launch unless a current WOR member with a Blue helmet proficiency sticker is on site, and
  • sponsor other pilots.

See the Ed Levin Site Procedures for details.

A few words about drivers.

Pilots must inform drivers of the Site Procedures and will be held responsible if their drivers violate the Site Procedures.

Section VIII of the Site Procedures says,

"All drivers and vehicle passengers must be at least 18 years old and must sign the appropriate waiver of liability prior to using the access roads. All drivers must hold a valid U.S. driver's license and all vehicles must have insurance that meets State of California requirements. When driving to and from the launch sites, extreme caution is required and particular attention is necessary to avoid disturbing cattle. Pilots must pool vehicles to minimize access road traffic. To minimize damage to roads, a 15 mph maximum speed limit must be observed when going up or down the hill. Vehicles must also reduce speed to 5 mph near the farmhouses. Vehicles are not permitted to drive or park beyond the rocks at the l750-ft. and tower launches. Only 4-wheel drive vehicles are permitted on the access road to the upper launches and the 4-wheel drive must be engaged in transit both up and down the hill. Hang glider vehicles must only park in the normal Ed Levin parking areas or in the unpaved triangular area near the north walkover to the landing area as marked on the map. Parking is limited to one row of vehicles only, temporary parking behind another vehicle is not permitted. Parking is prohibited on the paved road inside the landing area even temporarily for loading gliders. Hang glider vehicles shall not park on horseback riding trails."

Drivers must yield to cattle, horseback riders, & hikers and try to keep dust down when passing them.

Minnis Road is reserved for use by Park residents. Other vehicles must use the road through the landing zone rather than Minnis Road.

There are two locked gates and two unlocked gates on the way to the top launch. If you find the unlocked gates open, leave them open. The locked gates should always be closed and locked after you pass through.

Make sure your drivers are aware of the vehicle operation procedures, know procedures/combos for opening and relocking gates, and, if you have a standard shift, make sure the driver you recruit knows how to drive one.

You can recruit hikers on launch to drive your vehicle down, but everyone riding in the vehicle must sign a waiver first, so everyone must be over 18. (There are blank waivers in the lockboxes at the 600' and 1750' launches.) And make sure the hikers know the gate lock combinations and the route down from launch. (They should not, for example, use Minnis Road.)

Return the signed waivers to the launch lockbox or put them in the LZ lockbox. You must keep signed waivers in your possession until they are put in a lockbox. You can not ask the hikers to drop them in the LZ lockbox on their way out of the park!

Note: The combination to the lock on gate at the bottom of the 600' road is kept within the Ed Levin Site Committee and is not shared with other WOR members. The gate is locked only when the road is wet and therefore impassable.


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