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Wings of Rogallo administers and regulates 3 excellent flying sites in the southern and eastern portions of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The sensitivity of our relationships with landowners plus the large number of Bay Area and visiting pilots requires us to have comparatively extensive regulation. Most rules are based on common sense, but it's important to read and understand the site procedures for a given site before attempting to aviate there. Site procedures are available on this web site on the documents page.

WOR helmet stickers are required to fly at all the sites, except for sponsored visitors at Mission Peak. Stickers can be obtained at Mission Soaring Center or from the WOR Membership Services Director. (E-mail for more information.) USHPA membership is required to obtain a sticker.

Ed Levin Park is in many ways the "signature" site for the Wings of Rogallo. It is an excellent site for advancing pilots of hang gliders and paragliders, with launches at 40, 50, 150, 300, 600, and 1750 feet AGL. It Also features a large, grassy LZ within a 3 to 1 glide of all launches. Ed Levin is operated with the cooperation of the Santa Clara County Parks District.

Mission Ridge is a favorite of advanced rated hang glider and paraglider pilots. The advanced rating is required due to the small LZ, with a challenging approach. Mission is a site of historical significance; From Mission Peak, Dave Kilborne became the first pilot to foot-launch and soar a hang-glider in 1972. Mission Peak is operated with the cooperation of the East Bay Regional Park District.

Mount Diablo is the starting point for many XC flights to the east. The site record is 156 miles flown by Kevin Dutt. Mount Diablo is a technically challenging and demanding flying site, requires an advanced rating and is operated with the cooperation of the Mount Diablo State Park.

The club additionally has been working hard to open new sites.

The efforts to work with:

  • the Santa Clara Park Department may lead to access to flying in Coyote Lake Park.

  • the Mid-Peninsula Open Space District may lead to access to flying at Mnt Umunhum.

Google Earth file with California sites.


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