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Becoming an Approved WOR Instructor

To become an approved WOR Instructor, a USHPA Instructor must:

  1. be a current WOR member,

  2. have a current USHPA Basic or Advanced Instructor appointment, and

  3. complete a WOR Instructor application and mail it to the WOR Business Address listed on the WOR Contacts web page.

    Blank WOR Instructor application forms are available in the Ed Levin landing zone lockbox (combo 0911). Applications are reviewed by the Ed Levin Site Committee. The committee checks references, so please provide good phone numbers for references on the application.

    A Microsoft Word version or a Adobe Acrobat version of the WOR Instructor application can be downloaded. The Word version can be saved when complete and sent in softcopy format as an email attachment to the Ed Levin Site Committee chairman listed on the WOR Contacts web page. Softcopy applications can be reviewed more quickly because they are distributed via e-mail rather than snail mail.

Once an application has been reviewed and accepted, the candidate will be invited to attend an Instructor clinic (to become approved as a WOR Basic Instructor) or an Observer clinic (to become approved as a WOR Advanced Instructor) administered by Dave Wills for hang gliders or Juan Laos for paragliders.

Once the clinic has been successfully completed, the Ed Levin Site Committee chairman will sign the back of the applicant's WOR card to approve the applicant as a WOR Basic or Advanced Instructor.

Unless an applicant has extensive experience at Ed Levin and has demonstrated a knowledge of and respect for the Ed Levin Site Procedures, a USHPA Advanced Instructor must operate as a WOR Basic Instructor for at least a year before being approved as a WOR Advanced Instructor.

Among other things, a WOR Basic Instructor can not instruct pilots above the 300' launch and can not sponsor a pilot from any launch unless that pilot already has a sign-off for the launch from a WOR Observer or WOR Advanced Instructor. See the Ed Levin Park Site Procedures for details.

WOR Instructor approval can be revoked at any time, with or without cause, by a majority vote of the Ed Levin Site Committee. A revocation can be appealed. If an appeal is requested, it will be heard either orally or in writing at the discretion of the Ed Levin Site Committee chairman.


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