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Notice to Instructors at Ed Levin

Instruction at Ed Levin is permitted only by a pilot who has:

  1. a current USHPA membership card on their person showing appropriate Instructor appoinment and
  2. a current WOR membership card on their person signed on the back to indicate WOR Instructor approval

The Ed Levin Park Site Procedures say "All pilots including both WOR members and non-members, and student (tandem or not). must: (1) know and comply with the Site Procedures, and (2) provide the WOR with contact and other information, and (3) fill out and sign the waiver of Liability form and Pilot information and copy of the waiver will be kept on permanent file by the WOR Membershp Services Director."

Before the student enters the flying site for the first time

  1. Be in the WOR membership data base (strudents can add themselves to the data base using the WOR Pilot Registration web page).
    (Unless a student has proof of WOR membership, the WOR Instructor must have the student register)
  2. Complete an Ed Levin Park Waiver (including witness signature), and
  3. Be given a student orientation

WOR Instructors are club representatives and as such are expected to know the Site Procedures thoroughly, to enforce them, and to ensure that other Ed Levin pilots do as well. This is especially true of an instructor's students. Students who violate the Site Procedures suggest poor site orientation and/or training by their instructor(s). It is critical that instructors teaching at Ed Levin emphasize to students the importance of knowing and complying with the Site Procedures. Not doing so violates the WOR's agreement with Santa Clara County and could lead to loss of Ed Levin Park as a flying site.

Important note: If a student will fly at Ed Levin only in tandem (not solo), then the tandem pilot can follow instructions on the Notice to tandem pilots at Ed Levin web page rather than the instructions here.

Registration and Membership

Please see the Ed Levin Rules Summary web page for instructions on completing the WOR pilot registration and the Ed Levin Park waiver. If the student's waiver is left in the lock box in the Ed Levin landing zone, it must be left in the Student pilots folder (not the Signed waivers folder). Once the WOR Membership Services Director has received a properly completed waiver from a student and saved the waiver in the Pilot Registration data base, there will be no need for the student to complete and sign another copy of the same waiver ever again.

A WOR Instructor can search the WOR membership data base for a pilot by last and first name and can thereby confirm that a student has registered. After logging in, use the Search for Member link on the left side of the page.

A WOR Instructor may instead obtain a hardcopy WOR Ed Levin Registration Form from a student. However, the WOR Instructor then assumes responsibility for (1) ensuring that the registration form is complete and legible and (2) completing an online WOR pilot registration on the student's behalf no later than the evening of the first visit to the Ed Levin flying site, using information from the registration form. Once the student has been registered, there is no need to keep the hardcopy registration form.

A student is not required to become a WOR member, but a student can join the WOR (as an alternative to simply registering, as described above) even if the student is not yet rated by the USHPA. Please see the Ed Levin Rules Summaryweb page for instructions on completing the WOR membership application and the Ed Levin Park Waiver. Whether a student joins the WOR or simply registers, if the student's waiver is left in the lock box in the Ed Levin landing zone, it must be left in the Student pilots folder (not the Signed waivers folder).

A USHPA number is required on a WOR Ed Levin Registration Form. A student's USHPA number must come from a USHPA card, which can be obtained in one of two ways: (1) by mail from the USHPA or (2) from a prepaid 30-day temporary USHPA membership.

A student must not enter the Ed Levin flying site without a USHPA card obtained in one of the two ways listed above.

If the USHPA number comes from a prepaid 30-day temporary USHPA membership, please be aware that if/when a student applies for and receives a permanent USHPA card, the Use Permanent USHPA # link (available after logging in through the Pilot Registration web page) must be used to update the student's record in the WOR pilot registration database to reflect the permanent USHPA number.


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