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An WOR Observer is an experienced pilot with a USHPA Observer appointment who volunteers to assist other pilots by signing off observed skills and thereby assisting pilots in acquiring new USHPA ratings. WOR Observers also help ensure compliance with the Ed Levin Site Procedures.

Every pilot (including every student) at Ed Levin must be familiar with the Site Procedures site procedures, and comply with them. Permission to fly at Ed Levin is renewed annually in a Special Use Permit granted by the Santa Clara County Parks and Recreation Department (SCCPRD). The Wings Of Rogallo's Special Use Permit specifies that flying at Ed Levin is contingent upon compliance with the Site Procedures.

WOR Observers are treasured assets who should be treated with respect and viewed as mentors, not simply as observers of skills and/or policemen who enforce the Site Procedures. WOR Observers are volunteers who sacrifice time for the benefit of the flying community which could instead be spent flying or with friends and family. WOR Observers invest their time and energy to preserve our access to the Ed Levin flying site, which was difficult to obtain and can be easily lost.

Hang gliding Observers are available many Saturdays at Ed Levin Park from 9:00am until noon. In addition, many Hang Gliding Observers are available by appointment, for Sundays and/or weekdays and can be contacted by posting requests on the WOR Bulletin Board and/or contacting them directly.

Paragliding Observers are available by appointment only.

  • An Observer can only observe skills which the Observer holds. If you require a skill sign off (RLF, FSL, etc.), you should verify the scheduled Observer is qualified. Hang gliding Observers can only observe hang glider pilots and paragliding Observers can only observe paraglider pilots.

  • Only authorized WOR Observers and WOR Advanced Instructors can sponsor H2/P2 pilots off of the 600' and top launches. An H2/P2 pilot can not use the 600' launch without an appropriate sponsor on launch with the pilot, unless the pilot has a log book sign off from an authorized WOR Observer or WOR Advance Instructor stating otherwise. A Blue Sticker sponsor is required for the top launch even with a sign off.

  • Our Observer's schedules and availability may change. An concerted effort is made to keep this page up to date, but the best way to ensure the scheduled Observer will be at the hill is to call, email or post a request on the WOR Bulletin Board.

  • When an Observer is on duty, a flag should be flying at the corner of the LZ fence near the walk through. However this is sometimes forgotten, so don't be afraid to ask around to see if there's an Observer on site.

  • Be sure you arrive at 9:00am because the Observer may not wait around if no one shows up (or he may have already headed up the hill with an observee who arrived on time).

  • For more information on how to get sign-offs, be sure to see the "How to get your sign-offs" page.

HG Observers
Karl Allmendinger


Rick Dumlao

Takeo Eda


Dave Egli


Brian Foster


Paul Gazis


Ryan Goebel


Lijian Liu

Soham Mehta


Wayne Michelsen


Masayo Miyauchi


Steve Rodrigues


John Rinaldi

John Taylor


Chris Valley


PG Observers
Patrick Allaire


Karl Allmendinger


Craig Gamma

Phyl Hamby


Susan Kent


Simon Waddington


WOR Observers Only
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