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The Visiting Pilot Sticker

Visiting the San Francisco Bay area? Want to fly the sites managed by Wings of Rogallo?
Qualified visiting pilots are welcome to fly any of the WOR managed sites up to two days per year per site and should obtain a visiting pilot sticker by mailing three weeks in advance to:
Visitor Sticker Request
Wings of Rogallo
PO Box 361885
Milpitas, CA 95036-1885
Include a check for $US 5.00 (to cover sticker costs) and a copy of your current USHPA membership card. A visitor sticker will be returned by mail. Non-US pilots must provide a copy of a temporary (30-day) USHPA card. See this link or contact Mission Soaring Center to obtain a temporary USHPA card.

If it is not possible to obtain a sticker in advance it may be obtained:
  • from Mission Soaring Center in Milpitas, CA during shop hours
  • from the site chairman or site committee members at the flying site
  • from WOR authorized instructors
If you expect to fly any one site more that two days in a year, you should join the club to support keeping our sites open.

Before your visit, you need to be familiar with the site procedures for each site you wish to fly: Note that the visitor sticker does not replace any requirement for any proficiency stickers the site requires.

Be sure to get a site orientation first!

Enjoy flying our sites!


Send comments, corrections and contributions (photos and news) to the webmaster.